Service purpose:

The company in line with the "credibility first, service to win" purpose, is willing to provide customers with the best quality, thoughtful service.


Technical services:

1. Formulate personalized product manufacturing plan and service standard according to product nature and shipping requirements.

2. Provide selection criteria.

3. Provide free guidance service.


Logistics services:

The company has a container shipping logistics department, and has a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with the world's major shipping companies. It can provide global door-to-door logistics services, select the optimal transportation scheme for customers, and minimize the risk and cost of customer transportation.


Insurance services:

1. Cargo insurance

Cargo transportation insurance (hereinafter referred to as freight insurance) is a kind of cargo insurance guarantee provided for goods in circulation. The purpose of setting up this kind of insurance is to make the losses caused by natural disasters or accidents within the scope of insurance liability be compensated economically in the course of waterway, railway, highway and combined transportation, and strengthen the safety and loss prevention of goods transportation, so as to facilitate the production and circulation of commodities.

*You can purchase cargo transportation insurance through us:

*Our cargo insurance is divided into domestic and international.

*Coverage: from the time the goods are packed to the time when they are discharged from the packaging.

2. Product liability insurance

Product liability insurance covers the economic compensation liability that should be borne by the manufacturer in accordance with the law for personal injury, disease, death or property loss caused by the defects of the products produced by the manufacturer or by the third party.

We take out product liability insurance for all products produced by our company, with a limit of compensation of US $1 million per accident, covering the whole world.